Adult Bullying on Facebook

I have been targeted by a woman and a health group. It all begin when I was placed in hospice and befriended by a someone within the group. After the placement of my first time in hospice: she bgan to tell people I was lying and trying to get my funds from a fundraiser removed.

Tammy was becoming abusive and invasive. I was starting to be scared with her trying to contact all my friends via absusive and obsessive contact. Se also engaged others to help as well.

During all of this Tammy made a page and group about me. Someone sent me the link she was taking my picture down from my page and making horrible comments. The group was over 50 people. So, I contacted the police and filed a report. I also contacted Facebook via reporting everything I was aware of.

During this my home was set on fire and broken into. I can’t say for sure that it was her and the group, but it felt as if I was very targeted. To this day I can’t enjoy Facebook because every post unknown people post things about my health. Even my reproductive health. I just feel very let down and that too much has happened for Facebook to not stop this. Please sign if you agree.



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